Mapuche Weaving from Southern Chile

Tutor: Liz Beasley
Date: Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 2017
Time: 2-4pm
Price: 25.00
Availability: 1 Sunday Only
Mapuche Weaving from Southern Chile


During the workshop you will learn the basic techniques of mapuche weaving: how to warp up a loom, create a string heddle and start to weave. You will learn how to create a simple checkerboard pattern whilst weaving a small coaster/mat.


Students should bring a pair of scissors and a short ruler.

The tutor will provide a basic weaving frame, sufficient wool to complete a small woven item, and an instruction leaflet, at an additional cost of £5.00 per person to be paid to the tutor at the workshop.


Liz learnt to weave whilst working with mapuche artisans in southern Chile, and has continued to teach workshops in this highly flexible, low-cost form of weaving which allows you to make beautiful warp-faced textiles on a simple loom constructed from inexpensive, recycled or natural materials. A loom can be adapted to use many different wool types, but it is particularly well suited for highly textured rugs, cushions and upholstery fabrics.


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