Selecting Fleeces

Tutor: Sue Blacker
Date: Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 2017
Time: 12 noon – 1.00pm
Price: 12.50
Places available: 12 (Sat) | 13 (Sun) | Book Now
Selecting Fleeces


Sue will talk about choosing appropriate quality and type of fleece for the wide range of possible end uses. The talk will include hands-on review of samples brought by participants and of a selection of different fleeces brought by Sue.


Please bring fleeces/samples if you wish them to be reviewed. Remember fibre direct from the animal is classed as Hazardous Waste so you should wash hands thoroughly after handling.


Sue Blacker manages The Natural Fibre Company which processes batches of fleece from individual producers of wool, mohair and alpaca and also larger commercial consignments.

Within the company, Blacker Yarns makes branded knitting and crochet yarns, sold online, through stockists and at shows. Sue is also an experienced shepherd, with a pedigree Gotland and Blue-faced Leicester flock of some twenty years, and several other staff also have sheep.


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22 - 23 April 2017 Royal Welsh Showground Builth Wells