Small scale adventures in knitting

Tutor: Elizabeth Reed
Experience Level: Improver. Not suitable for beginners.
Date: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2019
Time: 2.00 pm – 4.00pm
Price: 25.00
Small scale adventures in knitting


Students will learn how to make fingerless gloves using ‘domino’/’mitred’ modules. They will learn how to make the individual basic modules, then how to knit onto these to build up the glove, how to leave the space for the thumbhole and how to make the cuff. It will not be possible to complete the glove in the time provided, but students will be given written instructions so that they can finish their work at home. Once the basic concept of modular knitting has been mastered, the possibilities for future exploration and experimentation are endless!


Students should bring their own yarn: either double knitting (with needles size 8 (4) or 9 (3.75) or 4 ply/ sock wool (if not too thin) and needles 9 (3.75) or 10 (3.25). Aran or chunky yarn is not suitable for this workshop. It is preferable to have 2 different colours, though not essential.


Elizabeth has been a keen knitter for many years, but an introduction into modular knitting opened up a whole new area of possibilities. She enjoys the flexibility and freedom of knitting the basic modules, then knitting on to these to begin to build the desired fabric, and just seeing where the design might take her. She is especially stimulated by the different effects colours and patterns may have on the same basic module. She began experimenting with ‘domino’/’mitred’ modules at first, using them to make waistcoats. The same basic module though, can be of any size, and recently Elizabeth has used a smaller size to make fingerless gloves.


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27 - 28 April 2019 Royal Welsh Showground Builth Wells